When Four Isn’t A Crowd

After tying the knot almost two years ago, radio personality Jamie Yeo, 41, has settled into a cosy new life with her Englishman husband Rupert, 40, and two cheeky kids, Alysia, 8, and Luke, 1.

words stephanie wong
photos courtesy of jamie yeo

The past year or so has been a very busy time for radio DJ and emcee Jamie Yeo, and one that was marked by two of the happiest moments in her life. She met and married her husband Rupert, and then gave birth to their child – her second after having daughter Alysia from a previous marriage. “You’re never ready to be a parent,” Jamie muses. “But once you’re one, you’d realise that it’s the best thing in the world.” So, becoming a mother of two calls for twice the celebrations, and that is probably the reason Jamie hasn’t stopped beaming.

Now the family of four lives in a beautifully renovated apartment nestled amidst the lush greenery of the west region. But the tranquil surrounding does little to mask the disarray that regularly takes over the house, which is inevitable when there’s a bubbly 8-year-old and a curious 1-year-old tearing up the place. Even then, it never feels like a crowd, as the four have now become an almost inseparable unit.

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