Where bilingualism starts at home

To help their children cope with an increasingly globalised world, TV presenter Diana Ser, 46, and husband, actor-turned-banker, James Lye, 49, hope to cultivate a rich language environment at home for Jake, 12, Christy, 10, and Jaymee, 7.

words stephanie wong
photos courtesy of diana ser

One of the major milestones of parenting is sending your child off to school. In Singapore, this is often a panicky time marked by the Primary 1 registration exercise and culminating in the stressful few months of preparing your child for his or her first national examination. For many mums, the latter means diligently checking their children’s homework, supervising their revisions, waiting hand and foot on all their needs, and cheering them on across the finishing line.

This is a drill that TV presenter Diana Ser now knows all too well, having seen all three of her children off to primary school, and having just had her first taste of the examination pressures when her firstborn sat for the PSLE last year.

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