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E-learning and how it benefits your child.

words cindy tjipto
photos courtesy of stamford american international school

When we mention the word ‘iPad’,
the first thing that comes to our minds is probably games and social media apps.
But today, more schools are integrating e-learning into their curriculum as part of a mandatory program.
This is especially common in tertiary education, where most schools possess their own e-platform
in which students can review their work or watch lecture recordings.

While not many primary schools have such a platform, the ones that do tend to integrate e-learning
more extensively into their curriculum. In these schools, electronic gadgets such as
laptops are compulsory materials students have to bring to class every day.

Such a leap from traditional pedagogy has led many parents to be concerned
about what it would mean for their children.
Would it promote anti-social behaviour since they will spend majority
of the time looking at tablet screens?
Or would it reduce their children’s attention span to that of a goldfish?

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