You Learn, I Learn Too!

Parents go back to school to get first dibs on child’s academic progress

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photos courtesy of music for young children

As grown-ups, we look at our children getting ready for school and we think, gone are the days. Was it 15 years back that we had to put on uniform and white shoes that needed polishing every other week? Now its bills, work, kids and more bills! What if you could go back to school and relive those memories?

Young kids LOVE to have their parents join them in the classroom. They get amused to see Mum and Dad being students. They also love to show off what they have learnt to their parents. Go back to school, not to get an education, but to help your child get a better education.

Olivia Riddell, Presidend and International Director of Music for Young Children (MYC) attests to this. “It sends a message to that child: ‘I care zaboutwhat you are learning. I am here to support you. I am here to help you when you have a question. You are not alone.”

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